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Saint Anything, Sarah Dessen

saint anythingSarah Dessen’s newest novel Saint Anything is about a high school girl named Sydney who has to be strong in ways a girl her age shouldn’t have to be. Her brother, though not at home, is always the center of attention for her mom almost like he is still at home, and her dad doesn’t stick up for her when it comes to her mom. When Sydney decides to switch schools, she doesn’t know what a good choice that is for her, and that family are not always the people that we are born into.
Saint Anything was a very touching novel, and what I would expect from Sarah Dessen. It doesn’t go at the top of my Dessen list, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. She as always touched on emotions of growing up, family life, school life, and figuring out who you are amongst the whole system. I will always be a Dessen fan and will have to read everything that she writes! This of course was no exception. If you haven’t read on of her novels this is a good a time as any to start! Until next time,
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The Moon and More, Sarah Dessen

the moon and moreIn The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen a young girl, Emaline, lives in a beach town where most of their lives revolve around summer. In Colby they get most of their business in the summer when people come to the beach and stay in the houses that Emaline’s family is in charge of. It is Emaline’s summer before her first year of college, and her eyes are about to be opened to things she never thought she would want to do or see. Like not go to the same college as everyone else, find a summer romance in someone who is like no one she has ever seen, and develop a relationship with estranged family members.
Once again Sarah Dessen has written something that is relatable, amazing, and something that people should read. I went out and bought this on the day it came out, went home and read it. (yes I know this post is soooo late) I think this is relatable to any young girl, especially those from small towns. Finding someone who is new and exciting, and learning what it’s like to have an unconventional family. This is something a lot of people know the feeling of. I of course recommend this book and I plan on reading whatever comes out next by Sarah Dessen. Until next time,
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Sarah Dessen came to Pittsburgh!!!

As I said in my video blog. Sarah Dessen came to Pittsburgh!! As we all know she is my favorite author of all time and I was so excited to see her! Unfortunately I was not able to stay and get an autograph or a picture with her, but I did muster up the courage to ask her a question.
During her time on stage she dropped hints, or really flat out told us that she is having another book come out in the summer of this year and of course we were all excited to here the news! She told us what inspired her to write another book and that’s where I got the question of asking her what inspired her to write her first novel, That Summer.
Her answer basically was that she liked the idea of a young woman who was different than everyone else, her being very tall, but comfortable with it. Because Sarah Dessen herself wasn’t comfortable in high school like many others, and some of her inspiration came from one of the players on the UNC Women’s Basketball team.
What I also love about her is that she writes what she wants to write. She told us that she doesn’t read other Young Adult authors because she really doesn’t want to know and doesn’t want to start comparing herself to others. She also doesn’t really watch MTV and other things like that, but she honestly writes what she wants and feels, and I really admire that as a reader.
Sarah Dessen continues to be my favorite as I grow up and I can’t wait to read her next book over the summer when I have a lot of time to read it.
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Don’t Judge a Book by its cover… why not?

The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” comes up a lot, and not only with books. It comes up with food, people, stores, just about anything that has to do with judging things. But why wouldn’t you judge a book by its cover?

It’s the first thing you do. You look at the title and you look at the cover if neither one of them seems interesting you put the book back down. If the title seems interesting, but the cover doesn’t you might read the inside flap on a hard back book or you might read the back on a paperback book. If the cover seems interesting it doesn’t matter what the title is you immediately read the flaps and the back to figure out  more about it.

Take the book I’m reading Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, the title sounds amazing and the cover looks delicious, but low behold the book moves kind of slow, but I bought the book anyway. The rest of Joanne Fluke’s books look just as delicious.

So, yes we always judge a book by its cover and its okay. If we didn’t we wouldn’t come up with our favorite authors. In another case This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen doesn’t have the most exciting cover, but for some reason the title really caught my eye and ever since that book she became my favorite author.

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Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen has done it again with her newest book Along for the Ride! In the novel a teenage girl has recently graduated from high school finally realizing that during her school years she spend most of her time studying than trying to hold on to every high school moment. After her parents were divorced when she was younger, she spent most of her nights staying up and listening to her parents argue, or sneaking out with her school books to the local diner, or just staying awake studying, during that time she started to develop insomnia. Little did she know that having insomnia would soon lead her to finding the perfect boy for her.
When she heard that her father was having another child with his new wife she decided, much to her mother’s dismay, to spend the summer with her dad and stepmother at the beach.
Moving to the small town made her realize that she had missed a lot in the “girl” world having best friends to be with her through out family troubles and boy troubles. In her time at the beach she develops strong friendships, and even finds romance and someone to share her night time adventures with. In that romance he takes it upon himself to make her experience every normal kid thing that she never got to experience. Not only did it help her, but it also helped him to start living again after a tragic death to his best friend.
In the end the novel gives you the feeling to not take your friends for granted, to go out and find someone special just for you, and to accept your family for who they are.  During the novel you will find yourself crying, laughing, understanding, and feeling complete when the novel ends.
Sarah Dessen has always been one of my favorite authors and I cannot wait for her next novel to come out! I have no idea when that will be though :(.
The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss