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Torment (Fallen Series Book 2), Lauren Kate

TormentFallen is about a young girl, Lucinda “Luce” Price,  who has seen the world through many time periods and eras, and has loved in every generation of her life. The only thing is, she doesn’t remember any of these lives, and how she is tied to the people around her now. When her current life falls apart after the mysterious death of her boyfriend during a fire, her parents send her off to a reform school because they don’t know how to handle what happened. Now that she’s a part of this school she notices that she is drawn to certain people and certain boys at her new school, and has the feeling that she knows them from somewhere, but doesn’t remember well. Her new friend, Arianne, is some what of a character and unlike anyone she has ever been friends with before. She also finds both, Cameron and Daniel, to be two attractive boys who she wants to find out more about. If going to reform school wasn’t bad enough imagine feeling and seeing things that you don’t understand.
Fallen by Lauren Kate was a crazy book. It was filled with so many twists and turns that you didn’t see coming. It was a book that you thought you knew exactly what was going on, but then all of a sudden something changed. I definitely recommend this book if you are looking for another romance triangle, with some supernatural elements, and some fun twists and turns. Until next time,
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The King’s Deception (Cotton Malone #8), Steve Berry

the-kings-deceptionCotton Malone is back to fill in the blanks of what happened while in London with his son. A recent stop in Georgia to go by his ex’s house brings up the question of what happened.  Pam, Malone’s ex, knew something was different when her son was able to forgive her for the sins of the past. It is difficult to learn that the man who raised you is not your biological father, and then when your mother won’t tell you who is, it is hard to understand and to want to trust her. On their way to the Copenhagen, Cotton is asked to do a favor and transport a young boy back to London because he escaped police custody after witnessing a crime in London. When they make it to London, they are ambushed by fake London police. Cotton finds his son, Gary, kidnapped, the boy has run away, and he is temporarily unconscious on the street. Cotton has found himself in the middle of something again, but this time his son is at risk.
I really enjoyed The King’s Deception. I mean there has barely been a Cotton Malone novel that I don’t like. This one though is about Queen Elizabeth and I found that to be pretty interesting. Steve Berry continues to make fictional history enjoyable to read, and now it’s time for me to go on to the next. Until next time,
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Summer Reading

Do you remember when you were in school and you had to do summer reading? When the school assigned you certain books that had to be read during the summer, and when you go back to school you were going to be quizzed, tested, or forced to write a paper on? I remember hating every moment of it and I’m actually a reader and always have been. I never particularly liked the books they chose, and if you read them too early in the summer you would forget everything by the time school started so you had to wait until the last minute to read them. I don’t know all of this could be a foreign concept to you, as I was told some people didn’t have to do this. I think my school finally caught on how horrible summer reading is when they allowed us to pick our books from a list so it at least made is seem like we had some say in the matter… But we didn’t.

Like I already said I’m a reader, so all they were doing was actually adding more books to the amount that I was going to read. I’m not going to say that it was a totally wasted experience because it did make me read some books that I never would have picked for myself. Books like Call of the Mall (I’m pretty sure that the staff thought we would like this book because it was about the mall, and made us have a field trip to the mall during the summer, but it was one of the worst books I’ve ever read, sorry Paco Underhill), Founding Brothers, Scarlet Letter (I probably would have gotten to that after Easy A came out lol), and others including books about the Savannah in Africa.

As usual I always have a ton of books that I want to read during the middle of the summer. For a student who is out of school and is doing nothing right now, I’ve done a horrible job of actually completing books. I have too many books that I’m reading at one time and the problem is none of them are fast paced, but they’re all really good. I’m on a plane to Seattle right now with my mother and I’m trying to read lion by Gregory Maguire, but like his other books it moves really slowly, but you appreciate the story at the end. I’m actually reading that book as a hardback book, which is becoming such a weird thing! Don’t worry I also brought my kindle with me as well and on that I’m reading Steve Jobs, which is such an amazing story about a man of whose products I support and own wholeheartedly. I bought two new books for this trip, another Steve Berry book, and a book from a new series that I haven’t read before, so I’m excited to read both of those. Until next time,

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Happy Belated Mother’s Day!!

I have no idea how I could do a father’s day post, and not pay homage to the woman who gave me the love for reading. My mother is the absolute best mother in the world. Sure we butt heads sometimes, but if we didn’t she wouldn’t be my mother.

In our house we have so many books just flowing out of every room and slowly taking over our house. Luckily for the house we have become part of the Kindle craze and have started buying some of our books on Amazon, so that they are a lot easier to take around.

My mother has always instilled a love of reading into my head that has gotten me very far being an only child. Now with school I have less time to read, but more time to want and my list is forever growing. My mother now doesn’t read as much, but she has found a second love, quilting.

As of now she has made tons of quilts, which are slowly taking over the house as well making the place the most comfortable place to read ever. She gifts, sells, and dreams of having a foundation to share quilts with the world in a museum. Her dream comes from the finding of her grandmother’s quilts, so she calls this dream the Clara Ford Foundation. She has support of many friends and family and one of these days her dream will be realized. I hope when I grow up I get to be close to where my mother is today in her style, manner, and way of life. It is because of her I still like to read and because of her I have someone to aspire to be.

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Reason why….

The overall reason I decided to start this blog is because reading is something I love to do and I feel like if someone else is willing to recommend books to you, you might read them.

My plans are to try and update this blog as I read books or as I have thoughts to read books. Of course I’m always open to suggestions because I want to read new things as well.

In this day and age few people in my generation enjoy reading, I think it’s because we’re forced to read so many books in school that we never have time to just find a book that we would like to read, and we’re never asked what we would like to read for any type of assignment at school.

I’m not the best at writing, so please ignore grammatical errors or spelling mistakes hahaha but hopefully I will continue to keep you entertained with a wide variety of easy to read teenage books.