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What Happened to Goodbye, Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen‘s What Happened to Goodbye was not unlike any of her other books. In this novel a young gir, Mclean Sweet,l has been incredibly hurt by her parents scandal, and messy divorce. By the end of the custody battle she has decided to live with her dad who is a restaurant consultant. Because her dad has this time consuming job, she has to move around a lot making her constantly move away from friends and what she knows. This also makes her come up with a new identity for herself in each new place, from personality, involvement, and even her name. Mclean and her dad finally stop at a place that she grows to love, and accidentally starts to allow people into her life, and into her real name. It’s not until her relationship with her mother completely breaks that things start taking a turn for the worse.

What Happened to Goodbye, has the same sequence of events like in every other Sarah Dessen novel. Of course I love every single one of them and it never takes me more than 3 days to read them. In every novel, a girl has a hard life, someone particularly a boy changes her life, her life hits rock bottom, and then all of a sudden everything is good again. I enjoyed reading the novel because parts of it always touch my heart and makes me think about my own life. If you’re a hard core Sarah Dessen fan like myself you should definitely read this heart touching story. If you’re not a hard core fan, I still recommend this novel. Until next time

Keep turning the pages,

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Happy Belated Mother’s Day!!

I have no idea how I could do a father’s day post, and not pay homage to the woman who gave me the love for reading. My mother is the absolute best mother in the world. Sure we butt heads sometimes, but if we didn’t she wouldn’t be my mother.

In our house we have so many books just flowing out of every room and slowly taking over our house. Luckily for the house we have become part of the Kindle craze and have started buying some of our books on Amazon, so that they are a lot easier to take around.

My mother has always instilled a love of reading into my head that has gotten me very far being an only child. Now with school I have less time to read, but more time to want and my list is forever growing. My mother now doesn’t read as much, but she has found a second love, quilting.

As of now she has made tons of quilts, which are slowly taking over the house as well making the place the most comfortable place to read ever. She gifts, sells, and dreams of having a foundation to share quilts with the world in a museum. Her dream comes from the finding of her grandmother’s quilts, so she calls this dream the Clara Ford Foundation. She has support of many friends and family and one of these days her dream will be realized. I hope when I grow up I get to be close to where my mother is today in her style, manner, and way of life. It is because of her I still like to read and because of her I have someone to aspire to be.

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After the Leaves Fall, Nicole Baart

After the Leaves Fall by Nicole Baart looks into the world of a young girl with a twisted family. Julia has had to deal with so many more issues than a normal girl by the age of 9 has had to deal with. When she was younger her mother left her and her father without looking back, and a few years later her father dies unexpectedly. When a girl has grown up in the church and then nothing but bad things happen to her it’s hard to remain close to her faith. Luckily she had her grandmother and a lifelong best friend of Thomas. Through these two she manages to get through middle school and high school without any other disasters. When she gets to college she believes that she has found the perfect guy for her, but he happens to be someone of authority. She is willing to break the rules a little bit, but rules are not always meant to be broken. Soon she notices that her life becomes awfully close to that of her mother’s.

I of course cannot tell a lie, and I do have to say that this book though still very good, is predictable and is like all other teen angst novels, about life, love, and abandonment. It’s a good easy read, but be prepared to know every twist and turn of the story before it happens.

Until next time, keep turning the pages

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Killer in High Heels, Gemma Halliday

Have you ever heard a sound that made you want to find out more about it, when you probably should have been going in the opposite direction? Well the first sound Maddie heard was her long lost father’s voice, and the second sound was a gun shot.
After the two sounds echo through Maddie’s ears she decides that she must go find her father in Las Vegas, and figure out what’s going on. Her mother won’t hear of it though, but being stubborn Maddie she goes anyway lying about where she is.
When she finally finds  him she finds out things that she probably never wanted to know and gets caught in the middle of smuggled fake high heels. Of course she did not go alone, her best friend, Dana and the receptionist at her step-father’s salon, Marco tag along. She tries to leave her sexy cop, Ramirez behind, but he was not about to let her be in harms way.
In the next book of her series Gemma Halliday takes the klutzy fake detective on an emotional family seeking journey and throws her in danger. This mystery once again makes me wonder why can’t I do everything in a pair of high heels? What Maddie does takes some extreme skill and luck.

Keep turning the pages! 90s Born Reader

“If they ever do my life story, whoever plays me needs lots of hair color and high heels”
Charlize Theron

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Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen has done it again with her newest book Along for the Ride! In the novel a teenage girl has recently graduated from high school finally realizing that during her school years she spend most of her time studying than trying to hold on to every high school moment. After her parents were divorced when she was younger, she spent most of her nights staying up and listening to her parents argue, or sneaking out with her school books to the local diner, or just staying awake studying, during that time she started to develop insomnia. Little did she know that having insomnia would soon lead her to finding the perfect boy for her.
When she heard that her father was having another child with his new wife she decided, much to her mother’s dismay, to spend the summer with her dad and stepmother at the beach.
Moving to the small town made her realize that she had missed a lot in the “girl” world having best friends to be with her through out family troubles and boy troubles. In her time at the beach she develops strong friendships, and even finds romance and someone to share her night time adventures with. In that romance he takes it upon himself to make her experience every normal kid thing that she never got to experience. Not only did it help her, but it also helped him to start living again after a tragic death to his best friend.
In the end the novel gives you the feeling to not take your friends for granted, to go out and find someone special just for you, and to accept your family for who they are.  During the novel you will find yourself crying, laughing, understanding, and feeling complete when the novel ends.
Sarah Dessen has always been one of my favorite authors and I cannot wait for her next novel to come out! I have no idea when that will be though :(.
The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss