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Wanderlust: Camera Bag

Now, I cannot say that I am a professional photographer, but I do love taking pictures. I’ve always had a weak spot when it comes to camera gear, and getting a new camera. There is definitely a shelf in my house with the evolution of cameras. When you’re not a professional photographer you don’t need to pack the world with you. You just need to pack the equipment you absolutely need.  Also don’t forget the bag! I take all of my equipment in a Kelly Moore bag, so I look good while I’m touring!
Let’s start with the easy stuff. Your phone!
Smartphone cameras these days have amazing lenses and definition, and apps that can enhance the already beautiful picture that you have taken. Also if you’re taking pictures with your phone you’ll always keep track of it, so that you can take more. With the cloud it’s even easier to save your pictures, and not worry about losing them. Having your phone makes for quick and easy pictures, and don’t be afraid to take a selfie!
On your phone you can also text, post, tweet, instagram, flickr, what ever you want to do with your picture, immediately! Creates for instant jealous from your friends and family as they watch you on vacation. Keep your phone handy and ready to snap those moments.
Next on board for me is my DSLR Nikon D3300 camera.
It is a DSLR, which means that it is not a point and shoot, and it does have interchangeable lenses. I love this camera because is newer, unlike my Rebel Xsi, and it is also a lot lighter for a DSL. It also has some awesome features including an external plug in that allows me to send my pictures from my camera to my smartphone.
For this particular trip we’re going to be doing a lot of walking and going to a lot of different types of places, so I am traveling with 2 extra lenses on top of the one that came with the camera. I’ve got my “nifty fifty” lens and my 18-250 lens for when we’re out with landscapes.
As I said I’m not a professional photographer by any means, but I do like to try and have the equipment I need to be able to bring home memories of this amazing trip! Until next time,
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A Beautiful Mess, a Kelly Moore Bag

AAAAHHHHHHHH two of my favorite things to stare at on the computer came together.

Kelly Moore, check out that post here, and A Beautiful Mess, which is a wonderful blog of DIY and Recipes and photography tips. These two made a bag that explores function, business, and style in the world of photography. This bag is on the larger side, and sometimes I can’t get it to lie where I want it to on my body.

It is a beautiful briefcase style that holds everything that you need it to hold in terms of gear, and more. It can also be used as a diaper bag or anything else you want because the inside sleeve for your camera comes out as it does on the B-Hobo bag. Here are some pictures of how I use it.





It also comes with a diaper changing mat, and a container that can hold a large lens or a water bottle. It also comes in fun colors like Kelly Green and Walnut. I chose the Walnut color because I already have a Mustard Kelly Moore bag, and I wanted something that could possibly be used for school as well.  I can put basically the same amount of stuff in this bag as I can can the B-Hobo bag, with probably just a little extra room and a little more free space.


Also my iPad mini fits in the front pocket, and my surface tablet fits in the back pocket. I like having my surface instead of my macbook sometimes just because it is lighter, and I can still upload pictures on to it. With a nifty SD card reader I got from BestBuy I don’t need to know where the cords are.

This bag is close to $200, but it is a large and sturdy bag that comes with some extra things in it. I think it is just a little too wide, as I said earlier it doesn’t sit on me right, but I could just be weird.

It also comes with two straps, a matching strap, and the striped strap that matches the inside of the bag. I hope these pictures help! I’m going to try and get a picture of me with the bag, so you can see where it lays. Until next time,

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Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag

Though I am not an avid photographer, I love the idea of photography. I have always loved cameras and everything that comes with them. As you already know I love bags as well. So, of course I went into a major search to find the perfect camera bag!

Through spending hours online during class, or procrastinating on homework I found nothing. Until I was doing a school event and was talking to a woman who pulled out her camera from this beautiful bag that she said was actually a camera bag. I asked her where she got it it from and she said “Kelly Moore!”. That is where the obsession began. I of course then had to spend countless hours on the computer trying to find out more about this Kelly Moore. I watched YouTube videos, read reviews, combed her website, and decided that this was the right camera bag for me. She has so many different types to fit all occasions and all needs, and they are beautifully designed to look like your typical day bag with the protection of your expensive camera.
Now the bags are expensive so I needed one to fit into my jobless college girl budget. I decided on the B-Hobo bag that is one of the least expensive of the bunch. This one is shaped like a large purse and has a comfortable shoulder strap. After consulting through a mass email with family I decided to go with mustard, and treated myself to a late birthday/early graduation present.
Below you’ll see some pictures, I took these the night before vacation so they’re kind of rushed, of how I fill it up, and what I can carry in it!
The bag is capable of standing up on its own
Under the flap of the bag there are two pockets that I slip my extra memory cards and my phone into. There are also side pockets that iPhone can fit into.
Lastly there is a back pocket that I can put my iPad mini or notebook into
The inside of the bag has padding that is able to protect you camera. I’m able to fit my DSLR in here with lens attached as well as my fixed 50mm lens.
The dividers are adjustable so that you can shape them however you want.
Also the inside of the bag comes out so you can just use it as a purse!
Here are all of the things I’m able to fit into my bag minus my DSLR. Here you see:
1. Surface Tablet 2
2. iPad mini
3. Evernote notebook
4. 50mm fixed lens
5. fisheye lens
6. Case f extra memory cards
7. Grid-It Organizer (Actually I’m not sure if this fits in there it just might still be on the table)
8. My point and shoot Nikon
 Here’s me and my bag at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey!
You can see that it lies just like a normal purse and is pretty inconspicuous as a camera bag.
It worked wonderfully for my adventure this summer!!